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Help create moments of joy.

the joy of a child receiving a gift

the joy of a parent being able to give

the joy of a donor helping out

the joy of a charity providing for the needy

the joy of a corporation giving back

How can you help?

Donate toys to children in need with your favourite charity via Simply Giving - Australia's most used & trusted online toy drive facility.

Why online?

Online toy drives are easier & more efficient than ever.

How does it work?

We Give Your Charity the Online Tools

We work closely with your favourite charity to understand their needs and develop an online Christmas toy appeal best suited to their requirements. We create a tailored giving page for your charity & help them select toys that are most appropriate to those in need.

We Give You Ease & Convenience

We provide you with the simplest, quickest, most efficient way to donate toys & gifts to your favourite Christmas toy drive. Within five minutes you can browse, select and donate an actual gift for a child in need.

We Give You a Tax Deductible Receipt

Immediately after making your donation, we’ll send you a tax deductible receipt which you can claim in your tax return. Only applicable with participating charities. Learn more

We Handle the Logistics

The entire warehousing, sorting and transporting needs, normally associated with a toy drive campaign, are handled by us. We work with your charity in delivering the best suited toys & gifts, to the locations they require, at the times most convenient for them, anywhere around Australia.

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Australia's most used and trusted online toy drive facility. Donate a toy to a child in need. Learn more

Donations tax deductible for participating charities. Learn more

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